At Hunter Newsletter: Those Who Can, Teach: Mastering the Teaching of…

Dance education at Hunter will take an exciting leap in fall 2012. For the first time, the School of Education will offer a graduate program for teacher certification in dance, grades pre-K to 12. “The new Arnhold MA in Dance Education is designed for ambitious artists who want to be leaders in their field,” said Hunter’s Kathleen Isaac, director of The Arnhold Dance Education Programs, who is playing a central role in creating the curriculum. A broad course of study and practice will reflect Hunter’s deep ties to the city’s cultural community. Students will have the opportunity to perform, work with distinguished artists and hold internships, and will graduate with a variety of career choices. They will be able to work in the growing number of public schools that offer comprehensive dance classes, many in fully equipped studios, and they will be qualified for positions in private studios, independent schools and institutions devoted to performance, research and outreach. As students develop their skills and work toward realizing their goals, they will be supported not only by the mentoring and nurturing of a vibrant faculty, but by the laboratory of New York City itself. “We’re also looking at how dance technique and technology intersect,” Isaac said. “This program is going to be where innovation happens.”


Hunter College Arnhold Dance Education Exploratory Cuba Trip

Kathleen Isaac, Director of the Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Program joined Pedro Ruiz, Jr., Dancer/Choreographer/Teacher on a preliminary June trip to investigate possibilities for facilitating deep associations between Hunter graduate dance students and their curricula, and the schools, universities and professional dance companies in Cuba in January 2014. They also developed plans for cultural events and trips with interdisciplinary connections in Havana that would enhance Hunter graduate dance students’ understanding of Cuban culture and the place art holds within it.

We look forward to Pedro’s film screening event on Wednesday, August 22, 2012, a master class in November, and an opportunity to engage in a lecture demonstration with Danza del Alma dance company members in the spring of 2013.

Giving at Hunter Newsletter: The Beginning of Arnhold Dance Education

Hunter College’s dance program is aiming to increase the number of certified dance teachers in public schools and colleges.  The program is being revamped and updated made possible by a $1 million gift from Jody Gottfried Arnhold and her husband John Arnhold.  In the words of Jody Arnhold  “dance should be a part of every child’s education.”  Kathleen Isaac, an educator with over 25 years of experience along with a 16 member advisory board will lead the Arnhold Dance Education program.

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Ninth annual New York City Dance Festival: Dancing to express

Teacher Kathleen Isaac’s PS 165, Queens, 5th-grade dance company had the help of a choreographer trained in Chinese dances for their Chinese Fan Dance.

While the American Ballet Theater dancers were doing their cabrioles and plies at Lincoln Center, the New York City Dance Educators’ ninth annual Dance Festival was in full swing at UFT headquarters on May 23. Student dance troupes from across the city — chosen through auditions — presented a wide range of styles, most of them choreographed by their dance teachers. At the Sunday performances, the 100 or so parents attending rose to their feet cheering when teachers were asked to stand. After all, what standardized test can measure what the dancers have achieved? Julie Rubin, the dance educators secretary, stood in for Chair Allison Parsley. Article

Kids Make Dance: Enhancing Learning with Technology

Dancing with technology: Integrating the internet and new media into the curriculum


In Our Schools Today Newsletter: Students Perform at State of the City Address

Students at PS 165 in Queens performed for a crowd of 1,000 New Yorkers — including Mayor Bloomberg, Chancellor Klein, and other government and civic dignitaries — at the Mayor’s annual State of the City address on Thursday.

The students danced, jumped, and waved colorful scarves in time to lively music before the Mayor delivered his speech at the new ice rink facility at Flushing Meadows-Corona Park.

“Experiencing my dance company’s performance for the Mayor’s State of the City Address was like giving and receiving a gift at the same time,” said dance teacher Kathleen Isaac. “It was a tremendous honor for the students to perform for this audience, and the children’s dancing filled the space with movement and color.”

The students said they loved their debut — especially because their audience was packed with distinguished New Yorkers, including members of the City Council and two former mayors, David Dinkins and Ed Koch.

“Dancing for the Mayor and City was the dream of a lifetime,” said PS 165 student Christopher Bonhomme, “This was a chance for PS 165 to shine.”

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Magic of Mentoring, Dance Teacher

Kathleen Isaac’s innovative program was spotlighted in Dance Teacher Magazine.

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