Career Objective and Overview

CAREER OBJECTIVE: To utilize my knowledge and expertise to promote high quality, comprehensive, sequential and sustainable dance education programming



Director of the Hunter College Arnhold Graduate Dance Education Programs (BA/MA and MA Ed.)

Innovator in exploring and implementing student-centered approaches to the integration of dance and technology

Accomplished Dance Educator’s career with over 25 years of teaching in grades Pre-K to University level, demonstrating leadership, providing professional development for New York City Department of Education administrators, teachers and cultural organizations, as well as colleges and universities in and outside of New York State

Innovative in the design, enhancement, implementation, evaluation and sustenance of model programs in dance education, including the Student-to-Student Dance Mentoring Model, and Integrating Dance and Technology model on city, state and national levels

Impressive record of collaboration, development and implementation of assessment strategies to impact the accomplishment of strategic goals on city, state and national levels

Highly articulate and effective communicator with excellent team building and interpersonal skills.  Recognized as a resource person, problem solver and creative leader

Skillful choreographer and performer, with wide-ranging training and experience in a variety of venues

Extensive experience with special needs populations, including working with collaborative inquiry team to promote best practices in Dance Education with Collaborative Team Teaching, Self-Contained and Autistic Spectrum Disorder Populations