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Dance Change
We want to change hearts and minds through exploring our bodies’ movement and dance.  Dance Change would like to highlight the accomplishments of other dancers and organizations who are utilizing dance to promote positive change and forward thinking.

Flamenco Ole
Flamenco Olé! actively engages fifth grade public school students in a multidisciplinary unit of study to explore and discover Flamenco’s rich history.  Through the use of imagination, creativity, Flamenco skills, poetry writing, LMA-based dancemaking, fan and capework technique, students will create cooperative dances, learn and share choreographic sequences, design costumes, including fans and capes, and perform in a formal concert with live (violin, spoken poetry) and recorded music (instrumental).  Students will engage in the Flamenco Olé! curricula in 50 minute classes held once per week for approximately six weeks.

Kids Make Dance
Kids Make Dance combines child-centered dance-making with digital technologies and social media. Our first pilot project, Kids Make Hip Hop, took place in July 2009 in Queens, New York. For this project, we invited children of all ages with and without backgrounds in dance to create their own hip hop routines and document their work with low-cost video camcorders and digital cameras.
On this website, we invite you to enjoy the extensive multimedia content, learn about the ideas that informed this project, and read about the dance and Internet educators who launched this initiative.